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"Be certain  of what will happen "

The in vitro procedures  is governed  by protocols  established and on that line  the doctors  They trace each case according to their needs.

The diagnostic consultation  it is inevitable and of much more relevance than we can attribute to it. The method  in vitro  is characterized  for being the most  advanced medicine to conceive  a pregnancy and therefore  the solution without a doubt,  to the problem of many couples. but  Before going directly to the solution, it is very important to reveal the causes because part of the success  that is achieved is to know the point that prevents it and in the first-time consultation or diagnostic consultation  this part is tackled like never before.   The seminogram, direct spermatobioscopy or spermiogram is a study that is obtained  starting  from  a semen sample in which you analyze  quantity, quality, mobility, concentration  and sperm morphology, which makes up 50% of the couple's diagnosis .

The hormonal profile of  the woman is determined with  hormonal studies in blood.  By studying them you get  valuable information about ovarian function and its current state.

The talk  of results goes more  beyond what its name indicates, and it is not only about translating laboratory studies,  but yes  from  draw the line  personalized information on what type of Invitro treatment is required, the approach and the management that will be given  throughout the treatment. 

Ovarian stimulation  starts between the second or third day of menstruation  with the supervised and controlled administration of medications that stimulate the ovaries to develop  various follicles  and get like this  a certain number of eggs.

As we had  mentioned before, the stimulation is controlled by the doctor  reproduction specialist through  follow-up appointments, in which an ultrasound measures and counts the follicles  Developing.

Ovarian puncture is the time of treatment where through  an outpatient surgery retrieves the eggs  of the follicles  To send them to the laboratory -in vitro- and they are fertilized, after the procedure a review of the development of each embryo is carried out in this way a report of its development can be given, until the day of transfer  embryonic, which consists of depositing the embryo or embryos in the uterine cavity through a catheter  flexible  and with the help of ultrasound.


  After  This procedure starts waiting 10 to 12 days for the blood pregnancy test.  



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