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For the management of the infertile couple, a protocol that begins with the clinical history should be indicated  complete information on each member of the couple and the length of time they have tried to achieve pregnancy. The approach in the couple is directed to the evaluation  of the following aspects :

  • Verification of ovulation.

  • Exams  to evaluate the uterus and fallopian tube.

  • Exploration  complete gynecological examination with cervicovaginal cytology. In case of clinical suspicion  of ETS, they must  perform cultures and relevant tests for confirmation.

  • Analysis  of semen.

  • Inform the couple about the frequency and the appropriate time to have sexual intercourse and that they favor  the conception.

Compared with bimanual examination, transvaginal ultrasonography allows the pelvic abnormality to be identified with greater precision and reliability. Ultrasound can be used in the evaluation of pelvic pathology such as endometriosis, endometriomas, adnexal cysts, polyps, fibroids, adnexa and abnormalities  of the ovaries. In the criteria to define polycystic ovaries and PCOS, ultrasound has an important role, in addition  It contributes to an adequate uterine morphological assessment at any time of the cycle, although if a pathology is suspected, it may be preferable to perform it at a certain moment of the cycle.  

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