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IVF, or in vitro fertilization, is a more intensive and expensive treatment option than IUI: it requires that eggs are removed from the ovaries, those eggs are inseminated with sperm in an In vitro laboratory, and the resulting embryo placed in the womb of a woman. hoping it will implant and lead to a healthy baby


The ROPA method is an option that female couples have to participate in the process actively, in this process ovarian stimulation is performed in one of them and then the embryos are placed on their partner.

Why use the method  CLOTHING? Who does it work for?

A female couple might strongly consider the ROPA method if:


They mainly focus on getting pregnant as quickly as possible.

The pregnant couple has a medical condition (such as blocked fallopian tubes) that makes IUI ineffective.

They are interested​​ in co-maternity or ROPA method, whereby a woman's eggs are used for a pregnancy in her partner's uterus, allowing both parties to participate.

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